Monday, October 23, 2006

i've been there!

create your own visited countries map
i stole this from tagagananalaladada. it includes stopovers, which is cheating, but those two hours in hawaii really make a visual difference! don't miss the tiny blob that is fiji as well. i am so international. . .

i encourage all visitors to make their own and, um, maybe try and post them in the comments section? grot/bbb should have an interesting one.


gtg said...

ah, no, it won't let you post them. sorry.

t.g.n.l.n.d said...

People could email you and you could post for them, if you're still keen.

Grot said...

wow, my procrastination level has improved 300% since you started this blog, precious daughter!

just spent nearly an hour on the map site. my visited countries map is ok, but misses out the huge north america red bit.

the comments on the site are hysterical, in both meanings of that word

the other projects on that site should be good for an entire lifetime of avoiding marking

thanx - i need never work again

gtg said...

good plan, taganana! visitor types feel free to do so!

gtg said...

glad you're enjoying it, mother dearest. i do what i can.

can you send me your map? i tried but i couldn't remember which of the asia section to tick.

haven't you done internet quizes before? oh, yes, there was that one about death (*coughs* of course *coughs*) here, try this:

you feed it some text and it analyses its gendered qualities and tells you if the author is male or female. it thinks my academic writing is male and my emails female. surprise surprise.

hmm. i should be marking. essays smell like cheese.

gauri said...

according to the gender genie, pete is a girl. but we already knew that. i've only been to india and australia and singapore. so my map would be a bit lame.

gtg said...

hey smellbot,

i never got to see him drag. what were we thinking???

your map would be pretty, um, like you. yes, pretty. sorry. surrey. hahaha. oh god the procrastination has started to eat into my brain.

*drools onto chin*

t.g.n.l.n.d said...

regarding the gender genie, i would just like to ask:

"Why is past tense feminine and present tense masculine?"


"How can 'the' be a masculine key word?"

stupid algorithm.