Thursday, October 26, 2006

stupid proposals

hmm. spoke too soon. this weekend is revising proposal. bugger. also halloween! and writing conference paper. and marking proposals, which is starting to feel a little hypocritical or fraudulant or something.

what else? continues cold, still lots of reading. lovely relaxing night with p+p and bottle of red, just got home. they have a whole 'australian' section in the bottle-o on commercial! we got to lizzie refusing darcy. great stuff.

started on 'anil's ghost' with the first years. i'm not sure i can stand a whole fortnight of discussion of 'buddhism' said the american way. gack. ooo, excitement, i can pick an american accent now! or a very pronounced american accent, anyway. as various people-who-have-done-this-before said, i can tell cos it sounds wrong.

to bed, care unravels the knotted sleeve of sleep. or something. (another two and a half acts to read for monday.)


itchy fingers said...

hey you. i tried to phone you tonight but you were too busy having a life or something.
so, consider me semi-outed.


gtg said...

hi the girl who used to be the girl who used to be next door! i see you ahve an exciting new name now! what can this mean? i feel compelled to click on the 'itchy fingers' link and find out. . .

(now you've been outed by someone with some experience in it.)

sorry, i will call. soon.

Anonymous said...

i am using the 'painting in the buddha's eyes' scene from anil's ghost for myth and symbol. we're going to the Sunshine buddhist temple tomorrow, so i thought i could link it in next week.

but it will be the last lesson of the course, on the Monday before Melb Cup day, so my genius will only be appreciated by about 3 students ...

i still want a pitcher with my name, but i don't want the hassle of a blog

grot said...

hi grot! i'm you! (see email for how to be you) - hope this pic is okay!

i don't think i can use taht scene cos one of the essay questions is on it. i think i'm going to get one of the dodgier passages and get them to close read it and talk about male author/narrator and female protagonists and whether they think it works. any other bright ideas? the creative thing was a winner.