Saturday, October 14, 2006


champagne with little bits of gold in it is not my friend! so pretty and yet so cruel...

watercolour pencils, on the other hand:

this is in honour of the puppy g+b are going off to "look at" today. (the rest of the pic didn't work as well. but was very good fun to do.)


Grot said...

champagne and gold? yuk!

have to update this - rounder nose, spots, long floppy ears, no sharp bity teeth, long legs

gauri said...

champagne with bits of gold in it is SO random. we had some last nye and it was just... whyyyy ?

gtg said...

no, it was delicious! it was actually a champagne cocktail with this stuff called goldschlager (sp?) in it, which is cinnamon flavoured and delicious. i will take you to have one.

dunno if i can draw german shorthaired pointers. i want to do a tiger next, after richard parker.

gtg said...

it's not 'why', it's 'yes!' except not the next day. oh dear my head.

where did you get it from?