Tuesday, October 17, 2006

finally! raccoons!

vicious looking little thing, huh? i saw it near the gym, coming back from class. it was kinda like an enormous cat, especially when it sat down and started grooming its back legs. but it seemed to walk on its tiptoes. sorry i'm not very articulate. today is my 10.30am til 8pm day, and i had my presentation on butler and being observed teaching. anyway, it wasn't scared at all -looked me in the eye. i sat and watched it for ages, then snuck back and got my camera, for youse guys! aww. . . . (and beanie, gloves and extra coat) the most interesting bit was what it was doing, hanging out by the gym. there's a rubbish bin there, and it climbed up the side and literally dropped its entire upper body into the bin to scavenge food. then it ran off to the bushes and held the bread or pizza or whatever in two hands, like a person, and ate in a teeth baring way (that's what it's doing in the photo). they are very smart, and will work in teams to push over a bin or lift up the rock on the lid to get in. then spread the stuff *everywhere*. they're carnivorous, and will kill and eat smaller animals.

so, to make hte most of the new tech, here's two vids of the occasion. one is of it looking and chewing (you get to see the robber mask face) and the other is it walking off (stripey tail and strange walk). the quality isn't too hot, cos it's by street lamp, but they're only short. hope youse are all as excited bout this as i am!


JT said...

They're nearly as good as little Tasmanian Devils!! Now, i'm just waiting for the videos of the grizzly bears going through your rubbish bin. I want a real close up!!!
Hope your busy day being "observed" went well.

Grot said...

excellent raccoon. it looks like it's got different coloured eyes like max.

did you say anything important? couldn't hear the dialogue

gtg said...

yes, they are kinda!

okay, crazy auntie! if you say so! *heads off to woods*

ta - just got email from prof who was doing the observing and i did okay. it was a fun tute. my inner show-off got an airing. again.

gtg said...


no, just one colour - the camera flash. which didn't bother it at all, by the way. brazen little thing.

no, nothing important. i was just chatting to the other foreigners with cameras.

gaurox said...

i want a raccoon SO bad.

gtg said...


for dinner?