Thursday, October 19, 2006

echidnas and tigers and bears, oh my!

thankyou for lovely package - bookmark is adorable and echidna so cute and my what lovely coreas! ta also for aunty cath's booklet. i appreciate it.

sorry, no posts, too busy.

oh, but port moody is a fair way from here and i don't wander the woods alone. or near rubbish bins.


gauri said...

that echidna is SO cute. i want to chew on it ! i have pictures from the house inspection but they're not very good as i felt creepy and weird. it was sad to see the house because it was super familiar and felt like home. waaah. they have painted over your watermark, but the pantry door is still warped and the mantelpiece in my room is still screwed. pete's room no longer looks like the nursery because they've given everything a lick of white paint. looks very swish. the garden is tidy but there's still that mysterious dead bit. the shoe and the pig are gone, and they've propped up the fence. waaawahhhh.

gauri said...

ps i can send you a colour photocopy of the brochure for the house if you like. but it might have to wait til after essays and stuff are done. i'm a bit stressed and short on time.

gtg said...

if you chew on my echidna she'll cry! we both will!

awwwww, old house. . .

i wanna post pics of it. remind me, yeah? ta for going to see - very brave of you. i wish i could have come.

do send photocopy if you have time/energy.