Wednesday, September 13, 2006


i have spent the last couple of days really getting bedded down in bureaucracy. it burns like a burning thing. however, each time i manage to gouge out an identificatory number of some sort i feel a little more like i belong. i may have a phone number. apply in person.

also had an ascanlit class where we actually got stuck into the poems, which was fabulous (attnetion span doesn't hold for four hours though, oh no) and have started studying again. back at what i'm good at.

taught another tute, it went really well. i love that first group. they are so keen and they do stuff that i tell them too. one of them asked how i was settling in. i make them do name rounds. (any old girlzoners out there?)

friend stuff still bouncing along. i found out of the girls i was intially a bit 'meh' about is really into labour history and canada's federation and civil unrests. fascinating stuff. who knew all that about quebec?


gtg said...

can you see that picture? i can't.

BBB said...

If you click on the oblong the picture appears

gauri said...

i luff yoooou

gtg said...

hey - we're all online! hi guys!

gtg said...

i luv you too, gaurox.