Friday, September 15, 2006

story slam

"Slam poetry is a postmodern form of performance poetry that occurs within a competitive poetry event, called a "slam", at which poets perform their own poems (or, in rare cases, those of others) that are "judged" on a numeric scale by randomly picked members of the audience. It can also consist of several poets performing without being judged."


i went to a storyslam, which was a variation on the theme. each participant had five minutes at the mic (and were gonged or deducted points for going over) and the tyle ranged from standup comedy to performance poetry. anne (lovely girl from PE island - not her real name) and i ended up judging (we held up cards with numbers) and got booed for giving scores in the 6s! i've never been booed before! it was not like any creative writing thing i've been to before, something i've wanted to see for years and wasn't able to in aus.

taught another lovely tute yesterday. it is such fun. i even got them doing dialogue in a group discussion! and they wanted to know which part of england i'm from, which is sweet of them. . .

and had fried eggs at a greasy spoon! ha! with saf - we talked about race politics for about three hours. i seem to spend a lot of time talking about politics.

this morning is reserved for getting screwed over by bureaucratics and money (again). if they're mean to me i'm going to cry. then they'll be sorry.


BBB said...

gotta have comment on each post - so -

tute, tute

gtg said...

i think i can?