Saturday, September 23, 2006

not to labour a point. . .

but that's the view from the class i had last night. yes, that's snow up the back there. i suspect that lot is Balcarra Regional Park (looking north) over burrard inlet. it can be difficult to concentrate in some of these seminars, with the snow and the fluffy clouds and, in a different room, the sun setting over the sea.

These speccy views happen cos "The main campus is 1.7 km² located atop Burnaby Mountain, at an elevation of 365 metres (1,200 feet)." cribbed from the wikipedia entry on the uni (which is quite a good site if you want more images of the campus). there ya go, bbb! the whole uni is literally perched on top of a mountain. my ears pop coming up in the bus.

also, this is the view from the busstop down at kits thismorning:

and these are some views from the skytrain, which is an automated monorail relatively high above the city. i have heard suggestions that they remove theroofss and charge for a rollercoaster. whee!

if i get done for being a terrorist it'll be all this photography in public places.


Crin said...

Beautiful! It's so blue and sunny over there! We're having Spring here too... it's cold and grey & windy as all get out.
I love that shot of the mountains; - I'd be staring out the window all day too. As for being a terrorist, I think you'll be fine...unless you're studying building blueprints while riding on public transport?! ...Or you get off public transport and inadvertently leave your backpack behind...


gtg said...

hey crinny!

yes, it went sunny again! just as well, cos when it was raining the other day everybody was like "well, that's it til march" and it was a bit disconcerting. but they were WRONG.

at least you're heading towards warm. i've got twelve months of winter, oh yeah, baybe.

yes, isn't it beautiful? glad you like it.

i'm counting on my white-priviledge to keep me away from the terrorist charges.

they had a terrorist scare at melb uni. there was an unidentified tool box left alone so they evacuated a whole building and called in the cops. etc. etc. then the workman came back from his break. heh.

how's the househunting going? and how are *you* coping with being abandoned by a maternal figure???


JT said...

we"ll give you abandoned by maternal figures!!! Anyway we're sitting by a pool in the wilderness drinking!!!
have walked 8 km today and seen emus and kangroos and speccie craggy mountains.

bye now
BBB, grot gecko girl and JT

gtg said...

oy! i thought you had Gone Away! stop spying on us!

yr trip sounds lovely so far. don't drink too much and fall in the pool! were your mountains as good as my mountains?

have fun!

Crin said...

See gtg, we can't do anything without being watched! Even when they're in the middle of nowhere, they know what we're doing!

...I'm having visions of four drunk people flailing about in freezing waters after getting stewed on flutes of bubbly.

Workman are hilarious aren't they; - bet he had no idea of the shenanigans going on while he was at the fish n' chip shop! Here at Melb Central we're always on stand-by because some nutter is causing trouble down at the station. It's getting so's I might put my desk & computer in the goods lift so I'll always be ready to evacuate.

Househunting is not so great at the moment, very disheartening. Estate agents don't like me! I'm thinking I may have to start concealing the fact that I have two daughters, that should make it easier.

I have one beautiful house to view tmrw afternoon; - the est agent says owners might allow "a dog" on the property. Cross your fingers, toes & eyes for me cos after this one I'm sh*t out of luck!!!


grot said...

wwe're alwasy watching you in a caring, loving way.

in arkaroola now. hot and deserty - rugged ragged cliffs like the Kimberley.

had a terrible run-in with a goat yesterday - quite traumatic but we'll tell you about it later - the goat did get up and run away, but i wonder about its prognosis

lots of birds here and lots of people - school holidays everywhere

going to walk a little today and drive a little, then bbb and me will go for a long walk tomorrow while jt and gecko gril go on the ridge top 4wd tour

jt had a turn yesterday - combination of sun, carsick and goat trauma - she's ok today, but we're watching her like hawks - she needs complete care

you must be patient iwth yr students gtg - they're only little - or that's what you've been telling me about my idiots

ok - we're off to explore - lots of fotos to put on bbb's blog

Crin said...

grot, bbb, & gecko girl - you take good care of my mother! (she better recover quickly, she has some heavy lifting to do when y'all get back!) probably had nothing to do with sun & car sickness, more like too much "wine time"!
gtg, we're happy they're having fun though, aren't we?!?!
i'm not at all jealous, i'd rather be here in Melb on the verge of homelessness than travelling around the countryside with the Leyland Bloggers.

Take care all!

BBB said...

Hey! The Leyland Bloggers! I like that.