Thursday, September 07, 2006

new room

this is my new room. my favourite things are the view of concrete (see photo three) and the one (count 'em!) light fittings in the whole place - right up near the door. i'm going to buy a desklamp.

but i have do have wonderful plants now, and a decent bookshelf and desk. once i can find some blutack i'm going to stick up photos and everything, and i imagine they will do a similar thing to the plants it terms of making it a nicer place to be.


gauri said...

i think you should also put some sheets on your bed, and get an op shop rug for the floor.

it is a nice room ! but i totally get how the niceness of the room is totally irrelevent. i think you'll feel much better once it's lian-looking.

gtg said...

yes, i agree. i'm going to try and go linen shopping on the weekend. i need dumb stuff like teatowels and a bath mat as well. and to wash my towel for the first time. . . ew. . .

i got blutack today (or "funtak") and will stick up that photo of me with the cat on my head and the painting of the teeth the nice TB's waitress did for me and that will be allll good.

did you approve of yr place in the design?

Grot said...

i really think the room is great - it's clean and light enough - it could be much worse.

book shelf too.

those indoor plants are never Canadian just now.

someone who's not yr mother said...

also, is that a rocking chair?

Also also, don't ruin that clean sparkling good feng shui floor with mess

gtg said...

it is clean and has all the relevant furniture bits (except LIGHTS) and i like the floor. yes, could definetely be worse. have lived in much worse.

but the view and the lights meh.

what are canadian indoor plants? i have a cyclamen now as well. it is frightfully pretty. how often do they liked to be watered?

not a rocking chair, just an odd chair. functioning as my bedside table at th emoment.

i have no mess to clutter it with! it is clean as clean, i promise, non-mother figure!

gauri said...

funtak !! hilarious.

i absolutely improve of my place. strange post-party me with a parrot on her shoulder is happy to be among the greenery.

grot said...

don't overwater the cyclamen - they like ot be damp, but mine do dry out and they're still flowering

Anonymous said...

Your new room is bigger than my first mouldy terrace house in Kew! There's more light in your room too! It looks lovely, and the plants make a huge difference. Tell you what's missing tho.....a dog!!!

I give you a month before that bookshelf is overflowing with "clever-person's" books, and the floor has disappeared from view!

Crin xxx