Tuesday, September 19, 2006

international talk like a pirate day

The pirate speaks,"hi thar ye all! i'm sittin' in me office waitin' for bone-idle students t' come visit me and gripe about their essays. i say "huzzah!' for international 'talk like a pirate' day. you be fabulous."


scruffypumpkin said...

harrrr! greetings to ya, wenchish woman pirate of canadian ilk! hyre's hopin you've got a westerly wind in yer sails and a sharp cutlass in yer paw to swipe those slack lads and lasses with if they be misbehavin! are ye wearin a bandanna and sayin 'arrr' a lot! ye better be!

gtg said...

The pirate speaks,"ha! you're fabulous!

none o' them showed, which was a pity, cos i had sharpened me cutlass good. at least me thighs got a good work out from crouchin' behind t' door ready t' sprin'. . . for an hour.

have t' go wash off me fake beard and scars. (it's nightime here now.)