Sunday, September 17, 2006

for bbb


Quarterback Dave Dickenson threw three touchdown passes Saturday as the B.C. Lions extended their CFL win streak to seven with a 36-20 victory over the slumping Montreal Alouettes.

we we (BC) shellacked montreal in a thorough sort of fashion. there. happy?


BBB said...

Wow, when too much sport is never enuf (Roy and HG)


now I know all about it.

gtg said...

i can send you a link to the bc lions' homepage if you'd like - there was a wwwwhhhole lot more to that article...

i thought you liked sport, huh? HUH?

BBB said...

Ummm, I think that I get enuf of the picture now. thanks.
I had not understood that Canada had adopted the American football code as strongly as is implied by your post.
A whole league. Do they feed into the USA competetion for finals and stuff?

Which is more popular - football or hockey? (note omission of culturally inappropriate qualifiers)

gtg said...

i gather soccer is big here too. i dunno. i dunno about leagues and stuff either. google it!

by the sounds of it, hockey is *much* bigger. tickets start at $80, but i'm going to try and get to one game. the atmosphere would be electric!