Monday, September 18, 2006

mornings are not my happy time

swiped from:

by an old school friend.


gauri said...

hehe !! that one always reminds me and the petebot of you. i miss living with you and your grumpy morning self :( wah !

i mean.. hi.. how are you..

gtg said...

actually, i was thinking of suing davo's arse it reminds me of me so much!

i miss living with you too. i miss our random silliness and spendng hours lying on yr bed talking absolute crap. and playing scrabble!

how are you :D (creepy grin)

JT said...

Mornings are great!!! (Well for a few in the family anyhow). It is in the afternoon that I become grumpy and want to have a good lie down!!! Can't talk the boss into putting a bed in the staff room though!! I've got a couple of pillows handy and sometimes lie on the floor under the pretext of "fixing my neck"!!

gtg said...

well, it's fine for *some* people!

good to have you back, jt. the blogness missed you. . .

you should have become a nurse. i heard they have little beds there just for staff naps! they call it "being on call". huh.

i actually set my alarm for 7am this morning, to go for a swim. bu then i stayed up til 2.30am, chatting to exciting friend in oxford and was forced to sleep in til 9.