Thursday, September 28, 2006

random stuff i've been remembering

*walking down to the servo in yarras with the gaurox, wearing sixteen million layers and gossiping
*listening to joss stone on repeat in the 'cote, looking out the window onto an orange brick wall and drafting my thesis over and over
*my lovely desk set-up with sculptures and reference books and little bowls of things to fiddle with. and a finger-puppet of a clown.
*best noodles in the world
*drinking bubbly at myers place with the tacos girls (or indeed, drinking bubbly anywhere - they don't sell it by the glass here! aargh!)
*that great deep outdoor pool off sydney road, with steam rising off it after sunset
*borrowing kidlit journals from the erc
*the morning after circus - when reaching for the alarm clock hurt you knew it had been a good session
*long days flopping around the carlton flat or the clifton hill house or miss b's old abode, doing nothing much. eating a lot.

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