Monday, September 25, 2006

this was sent to me at midnight, two days before the proposal is due in. she does, of course, have all this information in the handout i gave her.

Hi gtg,

I'm *****, from the *** tutorial class. I
wasn't at the tutorial on ***, and I was told by a friend
that an essay proposal is due this Tuesday. I have a few questions about
the proposal:

What is the proposal about? What is the topic? What are the criteria/marking
scheme? Are there any formats that i have to follow? Is there a specific way
that i have to present the proposal?

Also, could you tell me what the class went over in the tutorial?
Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.


gauri said...

haha ! i remember writing emails like that.. because i did it a few weeks ago... :D

excuse me, what does gtg stand for ?

gtg said...

i'm sure they weren't like *that*! how rude!

well, little girl, a gtg is a rude person who writes things on walls without properly referencing them. (want some lollies, leeetle girl??)

gauri said...

i *fear* you.