Saturday, September 16, 2006

random things

*mountain bikers wear not only helmets but shin pads

*coffee is measured in ozs. i like an 8oz latte. well, i kind of like it.

*i have to learn to say 'tutorial'. they translate 'tute' as 'toot', which is a slang word for farting.

*you navigate by the mountains. the mountains are north.

*pedestrian crossings at the lights chirp like birds.

*they give change down to the last penny (one cent piece). the pennies are made of copper, and the cost of making one is more than a penny (ie. material and labour).

*many shops will take american money, but only count it as being worth the same as canadian money. so you lose about 11c per dollar.

*books cost about half that as in aus. well, maybe a bit more. but paperback picturebooks are $8 and glossy art books about $30.

*skytrains (monorail) have no drivers. i intially didn't believe this horrifying claim, then i actually looked for a driver on one and lo! there were none to be found!

*traffic lights flash


gauri said...

beans beans the musical fruit
the more you eat the more you toot

[have you heard that version before ?]

gtg said...

yes. dahlink, i have. but who says 'tute' 'toot'?? honestly!