Tuesday, September 19, 2006

in news from home

thanks, grotty!


JT said...

Has that spider moved into your room in the Dale?
Wonder what sort of spiders will inhabit your room in Vancouver???
They are all the move here in the warm weather - Melb actually had 30 degrees yesterday, but true to form it is only 18 today!!!

gtg said...

lord knows what's living in my room! spiders, bats, birds, three-toed mongeese. . .

but this one was up in grotty's zone. i assume she aimed the computer at it (to take the photo).

there is nothing alive in my room. except me and the plants. and maybe my garbage. i should relaly find out where the big garbage bins are on campus. . .

have fun with the warm weather and the spiders!

gtg said...

sorry, that was well confusing. the first 'my room' is my room in the dale. the second 'my room' is my little cell in outer-van.

Grot said...

Yes, I held my brand new computer upside-down next to the wall to take the photo.

Thought afterwards that if the spider had objected to having a flash go off 4 inches from its face, and jumped onto the computer, I would have dropped the whole thing.

But that didn't happen.

gtg said...

are there any animals you don't chase around with cameras?

Crin said...

...better than chasing them around with ropes & nets like that irwin tosser!

nice photo though! i wouldn't have been able to get that close to it, - i have a recollection of one of those monsters launching itself at me when i was little. added that to muh serious injuries list.
i heard there's big bird-eating spiders in Van. Oh no, it's Ven.

yes, we had 30 deg in melb, - bloomin' heat wave i tell ya! ...for six hours until it rained anyway.

hi all!