Wednesday, September 20, 2006


today it looks like this:

but i look like this:

because i got a lovely parcel from bbb! huzzah!

also i hung out with random hippies and ate vegie burgers in convo mall - we could see our breath. and m gave me muesli with no sugar and the hippies gave me organic apples and all in all there are lots of pretty happy things.

i have lots of other stuff to write about, but i have been *studying* - shock horror! just wanted to let bbb know it arrived.


JT said...

Today it looks sunny here! Getting very windy though and I am beginning to wish I hadn't pedalled!!! The eyes on the helmet dont work - one of the helmet ladies came in today with blood running down the side of her face, where she had been hitwith claws!. Will find her a nice big fat stick before she goes home!!
Am pleased to see that you now have the word "HAPPY" in your blog!!

the girl no longer next door said...

hey, is there anything you're particularly missing, in the material world, that i could make happen in a smallish parcel?
i have a few things in the offing, and will probably send it soon.
have been meaning to write a proper letter/email for ages, but am still in complete denial about being back and needing to unpack/find employment and purpose in life etc. so. soon.

ps. how likely is it that you will contribute to the last lot of bills that have come in from pre August?

lubs and cardamon scented confectionery

gtg said...

i used the word happy? i don't remember that.. .

hi! i heard it's hot and horrible there! it was cold and foggy and rainy here - apparently it will now stay like this til march. i don't mind cold as much as you, though. i got to rug up in my big black coat.

glad to hear you're still on the treadly. have you considered getting racing handlebars? i used to zip down swanston st at an awesome speed, crouched over to avoid the wind. the maggies sound like fun - when does nesting season end? mind she doesn't fall off while beating the birds with sticks.

i am often happy in the evenings. i'm very much enjoying my study. lots of work, but satisfying work. and i think i have friends now.

i'm going to update nowish.

gtg said...

ooo! what an offer! i'm sure there is, but i can't think of it. um, nice smelling things (i can't have incense here which sucks), and maybe nice pens and good coffee. but none of that is melb-specific. just stuff i always want. actually, i realised i don't have any photos of that house (or maybe they are on that last roll of actual film i have), so i would very much like some of them. and some of the three of us as we were. . . *snarf* if you were feeling keen you could trawl the opshops and get me a tacky australiana tshirt. i'm feeling the urge.

no, mostly i miss people, not things. if you sent me nice paper i could send it back with letters written on.

whatever you send would be wonderful. proper email! send letters about denial and postcards about lack of purpose in life! then start saving and come over here. we could have us some proper fun.

bills, no wuz. let me know how much and i can transfer from my ausn account. though obviously i'd rather not. i mean, what *is* the purpose of skipping the country???

lubs and organic apples,

tine said...

yikes, what crap weather. it's getting v. sunny here now, which means tomorrow i need to spend $50+ on a new arsenal of hayfever medication. i suspect that this season's new symptom is random itchiness - my face 'specially (my face! my FAAAAAACE!)

the bag and diary look SMASHING. well done to male parental fig!

and i know sim already asked, but anything that *i* can get you?? something that says "neen & tine" (apart from mailing myself...)??