Wednesday, September 27, 2006

gardening trauma

oh god, my cyclamen has started to die *already*! the flowers have gone all floppy. why why WHY?

and why are my gardening experts galivanting in the desert instead of answering my questions???


missymojay said...

hi miss lian. some of my seedlings died recently - i think of exposure - hot windy days and i didn't water them for a bit too long.

I know nothing about cyclamen. However these questions spring to mind:
* are they getting enough/too much water?
* are they getting enough/too much sun?
* are they getting enough nutrients? (eg fertiliser, minerals etc - i'm sure the internet will tell you what a cyclamen is looking for in life)
*do they have enough room in their pot?

Good luck!

Crin said...

hello again!

jeremy's grandmother taught me a little bit about cyclamen, maybe i can help....cyclamen hate indoor stuffiness & heating. and they're not good with direct sunlight either. obviously i've no idea what the conditions in ur room are like but... can you shove the plant outside in the cool air overnight? the "crispness" in the air helps them freshen themselves up. odd i know.

don burke xxx

gtg said...

what *is* a cyclamen looking for in life? such questions you raise. . .

no, thankyou, missymojay. i gave it some more water and it has mostly perked up. sorry to hear about yr seedlings. you need to give them some wormjuice! sounds like it will be a long hot summer for you. better look into low-water gardening.

good to see you in cyberspace.

(you don't quite ahve the hang of this "anonymous" business, do ya? the maternal figure has pointed out it is perhaps unprofessional to be mocking one's students on the internet, which is very good point. they must never track me down!)

gtg said...

thankyou, don!

*opens window to let in crisp night air*

i havne't got the heater on yet, but that might be a problem in a couple of weeks. hmm. . . it doesn't get too much direct light. in fact, it doesn't get any at all cos there's an apartment block just opposite. ha!

i think it was lack of water in this case.


Crin said...

See, is Don is good!!

missymojay said...

anonymity you say...

no thank you what? i don't understand.

i've planted new stuff and the garden is looking fairly happy. vegies do need a fair bit of water but a watering can or two every day or two i reckon is a pretty good use of water when it is growing food in your own backyard!

how fares the cyclamen?