Saturday, September 30, 2006

new MAs

finally hung out with the other new MAs properly. it was a lot of fun. we went out to the indian restuarunt on campus (nice food!) and then to a dodgy pub. spent a lot of time discussing our students (teaching is increasingly interesting) and whining about our workloads, which is *so* the point of these sorts of excursions. and i got a toast for navigating international beuracracy. warm 'n' fuzzies! (of course, we then toasted to drinking and then to not drinking, for the girl who doesn't. but still. i feel special. in a specialbus kinda way.)

speaking of which, my shipping crate is here but i can't find out where or how i get it back. it has been a particularly unpleasant experience trying to find out. wish me luck.

have i mentioned what lovely weather we've had? blue skies and gentle sunshine, with the fluffy white clouds floating above the mountains.

today is marking and hair cut.

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