Tuesday, January 09, 2007


then there was this business:
and here's some photos i took around bath on the walk back to the train station, via some very scenic/historic/blahblah this was built two thousand years ago. ..

the baths (oh, if only i'd paid attention in latin!). i had a little peek inside the entrance way - fabulous domed ceiling:

and the angels climbing up to heaven which so struck me from grot's england photo album when i was a child:bath was very beautiful. it was a good taster - i'd like to back and spend more time there.

then the five of us hopped on the train to london.


BBB said...

Hmmm,, let's try;
tempus fugit
veni, vidi, vici
carpe deum

gtg said...

can't remember the first one, though i remeber declining "fugit".

i came, i saw, i conquered (that was one of our house slogans)

seize the day. (our yr 12 latin class slogan was "fac me deum".)

none of that is actual translating, but.

off to memorise french prepositions. . .