Wednesday, January 24, 2007

on the other hand . . .

here's "mom and dad"!merry christmas!

and sky with her new skunk:
ps. would also like photo of neglected and forgotten baby pls.


Tuchfrau said...

Tuchfrau means Tissue Woman or Silks Woman. As in the aerials equipment. And tuch does indeed mean cloth.

Tuchfrau said...

But also silks or tissue.

grot said...

go here

to see a foto of beautiful, spectacular COmet McNaught

saw it for first time last night from Mt Blackwood -

Halley's Comet was just a smudge in the sky, but this looks like Halley's Comet does in the Bayeux Tapestry (one day I'll see it)

BBB said...

just joshing tuchfrau - babel fish gave me the cloth woman translation.

great jumpers eh?

gtg said...

gosh, that's stunning! how lovely to see it. you can see the stars here tonight - it's been a long time since it's been clear enough. the saucepan is the same, but the rest are unfamiliar.

where is the bayeux tapestry?

fabulous jumpers! hope they're not tooooooo big. there wasn't a huge range of sizes. merry christmas!

photo of other dog? poor ailing lonely superseded dog?

BBB said...

Max is still okay, in fact better now with the new pseudo daughter. Vet commented how well we are looking after him (she also said that Sky is in excellent condition - Grot is dictating this)

grot said...

the bayeux tapestry is in bayeux

gtg said...

yes, but where is bayeux?

glad superseded dog is well.

HF said...

Hi Lino
Bayeux is in France obviously. It depicts the Battle of Hastings. 'They' are not sure which side made it but it was probably the Normans.

My olds are also staying up late and going to high places in the dark to see this comet...

Much recovered from my illness now.

Great to see Eucyleaf on your blog!

gtg said...

don't "obviously" me, missy!

i mean, thankyou, HF.

ooo, is yr parental unit going to thte top of a mountain? coolness.

glad you're feeling better.