Saturday, January 27, 2007

french and skytrains

i had such an exciting experience on the bus the other day. i was reading eve kosofsky sedgewick's touching feeling (cos i'm a nerd, that's why), and came across this passage:

"Marriage isn't always hell, but it is true that le mariage, c'est les autres: like a play, marriage exits in and for the eyes of others."

which, admittedly, doesn't sound that good out of context, but the exciting thing was that i read the french! i translated it without even thinking about it. it was entirely cool.

and now for some images of riding a train with no driver. particularly dramatic fog this morning, with buildings looming out of it and a big blue sky beginning above.

i think this would be better on widescreen, so if you're keen, go to this webpage and click on the weird evolving rectangle on the bottom right hand corner of the video screen and it will go big. if that makes sense.


grot said...

we enjoyed the train ride!

gtg said...

good! me too. isn't the fog pretty? and isn't is a bit creepy to be in the spot of the driver? i don't know how much that feeling would come across from the vid. anyways.

thankyou for supporting where the bear rugs are still growlin.

BBB said...

We did enjoy the ride. Does give one a very understanding of the city layout. the large square building would be very recognisable in the future.

gtg said...

'cept this is in the burbs - sorry!

the most noticable building downtown has a big spaceship style thing on the top, with a little spire sticking out. and the scienceworks place, which is the big sparkly globe i have mentioned before.