Saturday, January 27, 2007

interim spot the cockroach

it is not my turn, but until tuchfrau notices she is The Big Winner, here is a purely visual game. i have hidden the cockroach in this photo. can you spot her?

i hate it when you're on long weekends. where's my audience???


grot said...

yes, i see her poking her little head out of the book

you have to HOLD your audience, not beg for attention

BBB said...

Too easy - once Grotty told me how to enlarge the picture. Until then it was VERY hard!

Tuchfrau said...

I saw the cockroach too. I am very skillful at spotting cockroaches, yes I am! I have hidden one. Go to to search.

gtg said...

you are all far too skillful. the cockroach is indeed a bookmark for "latin paleography", that riveting book.

isn't anybody going to ask why i have an eyeball on my desk and where i got it from? i found three of them rolling around the floor on the change room at the pool. true!

ooo, the cockroach has moved. yay!