Thursday, January 25, 2007

pile the pigs

i totally forgot! you have to go play these games!

there is one where you pile up great tettering towers of piglets, it's fabulous. click on the pig third row from the top near the right.



gauri said...

oh yes i knew about those games yeeeeears ago darling. i am so much cooler than you.

aren't they beautiful though ?

gtg said...

and you didn't feel the urge to share because? hmph.

i love the pigs, i do.

itchy fingers said...

i can't get to the pigs! why? why?

gtg said...

sorry, seems to be a recurring problem. must be a problem with the link.

you must then cut and paste:

gtg said...

oops, no, try this:

itchy fingers said...

ooh, ta much. so much fun!

itchy fingers said...

can you believe they've already blocked access to this website here? two days! i only went there once!


gtg said...

wow. maybe you're cursed.

dude, that burns.