Tuesday, January 09, 2007

peak district

lookit! melbourne! the old one! it is a funny little village near caroline's. this is one of hte largest norman churches in england - goes back to 1133.
they have the australian flag hanging up inside. v.g.

and this is the lake next to melbourne hall:

so this is all from my time visiting caroline. we went on scenic drives round, chasing history and bbc film makers. i've seen mr darcy's house!

we wandered round the park of this stately home (or was it a stately home? caroline's bro tells us there is a specific def. of stately homes):
the sheep just wander round loose there. very odd. and they have tails! and also, rolling green hills, ridiculously picturesque.

ta muchly to caroline (and bro) for hospitality and such informative commentary on the local area. and my new docs! (which i will start breaking in as soon as the snow melts)


itchy fingers said...

mr darcy's house! oh my!

grot said...

yes yes YES!!

grot said...

where is foto of new docs?