Sunday, January 21, 2007

(We are studying) actuellement (French vocabulary).

i don't wanna! realised this is the first test i've done since i got my driver's license. it'll be fine (see the two piles of flashcards - the ones on the left are the ones i know!) but i can't be bothered studying. or reading. mostly cos reading is postcolonial theory (poco gives me hives) and saint augustine's "on christian doctrine", which is dry like a dry thing.

whine whine whine

knocked back two invites in favour of staying in and whining, so is all my own silly fault. on the other hand, had a lovely long skype w grot and a good swim before that. i did three tumbleturns that worked! very exciting! (and a whole lot that involved me shooting off towards the bottom of the pool or into the lane ropes or simply getting half the pool up my nose. a work in progress. . . )

very excited about maybe doing my phd in NY. planning on going to visit over easter, to try and get a feel for if i could cope there. all of this subject to change, btw, but inspiring none the less. must get ridiculously good marks in order to get ridiculously good scholarships or the whole thing's shot. so - back to the past participles.


itchy fingers said...

i wanna come to NY at easter!!!!!!!!

yuo know, if i suddenly acquire vast sums of cash.

gtg said...

will probably only be 4-5 days - NY mucho expensive. tickets, however, are only $550 return. if i buy it now.

come ot london with me!

itchy fingers said...

how many times do i have to say yes? kuh.
you'll need to give me plenty of notice, as them tickets ain't cheap. (why have i suddenly become cletus the slack jawed yokel?)

hey ma! get off the dang roof!

missymojay said...

feeling much the same about job applications as you are about studying for exams... but studying in NYC! that sounds exciting and a bit terrifying. what about studying in london? or hey, how bout coming home some time? you know, when you're good and ready.

gtg said...

heh. yer funny.

how much notice? could be fiddly. i have a lot of variables. i guess you'd need six months? or not that long? three?

gtg said...

hey missmojay,

don't get a job then. let superbutch be yr sugarmummy. yay!

how is new house? send pics!

yes, exciting and terrifying both. but v.g. unis, you know.

no funding in london. would die of starvation on a pile of second-hand picturebooks. also i do quite like the american system, with all the classes and the teaching and the field exams and *then* the thesis. very thorough.

i'll come home, m'dear. just after i've gone to some other places. . .

think of it this way - you have potential floor space in two continents!

i still call australia
i still call australia
i still call australia

itchy fingers said...

three would be minimum. as much as possible, ideally.

still haven't told polly about the massive house changes. don' wanna.

gtg said...

is it yr job to tell polly?

okay, i reckon i can do three. no wus.

itchy fingers said...

p.s remember the cletus theme tune?

'some folk'll never east a skunk
but then again
some folk'll
like cletus, the slack jawed yokel'

it's in my head and it won't get out.

itchy fingers said...

well, not my job exactly. but is simpler to say all at once, considering the suddenness, and i am the only one staying on.

which reminds me not to forget that dave/fi have to replace that weird antique lampshade in the hall. . .

gtg said...

they broke the lampshade? dude!

bbb and i nearly broke it too, but we are cleverer than that.

good luck with polly. remember to keep her happy. say soothing things. play calming music.

sorry, don't remember theme song. sounds like a hoot and half, but.

(oh, does fi still think i have her books or did she find them?)

itchy fingers said...

no, she found them, immediately after a tirade of how they were her favourite books and the universe was obviously against her, etc. they were in a cupboard to save space.

yes, i will be calming. i plan a japanese dinner and much soothing red wine. . .

yes, dave apparantly broke it while yawning/pulling on a jumper while we were in europe. a replacement will probably be a couple hundred dollars, if they can find one at all. sucks to be them.