Saturday, January 20, 2007

birthday dancing

wheeee! big weekend. winifred's bday, so we went out dancing and had a good time. remembered why one doesn't break in new boots by jumping up and down a lot. i like the start of semester. lots more social stuff. um, what else has happened? i went to a vegan potluck, that was interesting, and kings was fun, and FLQ and i made dinner together the other night cos we couldn't face heading down the hill in the snow storm to buy groceries. can't remember what else. this morning we had pancakes together (ie. winifred and the gang). yum.

still have masses of reading, but she'll be right. mate. haha. we have four minutes more daylight every day now, and there is a feeling of spring in the air. it was still light at 4.30 today. very nice.

happy birthday to my grandpaternal figure for last week! (how old is he again, bbb?)

plans are afoot:


grot said...


gtg said...

there ya go! very impressive!

(i shoulda remembered that. i thought it was a "-2" number, but both 82 and 92 sounded wrong. . .)

BBB said...

Yes, indeed, 90!

BBB said...

Birthday went very well. Very family.

tine said...

so, nyu, cuny or columbia??? (are there other places in nyc that i'm forgettin about?) saw mistresscarlett randomly the other day, on swanston st, day before she got on plane back to oxford apparently. she was shopping with thekit's ma. too cute.

gtg said...

tine! you exist!

applying to all three, though i think CUNY is first choice. (eks is still there, though she is not well). cuny has horrible funding though, apparently. there's fordham as well, i think that's the other big one. but it's run by jesuits.

who is that author you like w the dishpigging in NY? send!

aw, you saw spike??? damn you! oh well, i will see her when i live in london. hah.

i miss you - call me!

BBB said...

hey, nothing wrong with jesuits... well not too much ..... well.....
They do of course have a long history of brawling with the Pope of the day, as they insist on their freedom of intellectual inquiry. Therefore do not discount Fordham without a bit of further inquiry of your own.
I remember Father who ever it was saying something like: "Boys, always ask 'why?'", a simple but useful philosophy.

gtg said...


nothing wrong w the jesuits except everyone who was educated by them trails off at the end of sentences and looks repressed. you're right, though, should check it out. bad prejudiced child.

yes, a good philosophy. i like it.