Tuesday, January 09, 2007

let's pledge to make daria's dream a reality

oh, uni has gone back! i have so much reading! haha. actually i haven't yet, but spent $150 on set texts today, so will. (also $160 on asthma meds - all the puffers always die at the same time, like lightbulbs).

had my first french class (mostly on the parts of speech. quick! what's an indefinite article?) which was good n challenging (the teacher is very enthusiastic, which is my key requirement in a teacher, also knowledgable and into grammar, but unfortunately reminds me of mr o'neil from daria) and my first intro to poetry lecture and tute. not sure how i feel about the prof yet, but my tute went okay. i made them talk to each other in small groups. mwahahaaha! actually, my circus training has been most useful for teaching. hmm. . .

very lovely to see everybody here again. jetlag nearly over, thank god. it has been raining a lot and is due to snow a lot tomorrow, with tops of zero forecast later this week. so the usual.

you may have noticed some additions to the blog (unless your view of the page squishes my sidebar waaaay down the bottom of the page, in which case you may have missed them - not sure what's causing this problem). thought youse might be interested in weather/hit counter. i know i am.

more to write, but must sleeeeeeeep.


HF's parental body said...

Hi Gtg,

We really enjoyed seeing the photographs. Thanks very much!

Hard farmers parental body!!!

itchy fingers said...

ooh, weather counter.

Here's what it's like in Melbourne.
Before 8:30am it reached 31 degrees, but since has apparently dropped to 30, and colder winds to come.


grot said...

so good to see another parental body

- these young things need close watching, especially when they think they're far enough away to not!

gtg said...

hello guest parental unit! glad you enjoyed the photos - happy to be of service.

good to (virtually) see you.

gtg said...


i thought now would be a good time to upload the weather counter thingy, cos of the exciting weather we're having. top of minus three predicted for friday!

yr wether sounds, um, interesting. i have to say i prefer the snow. though i'm getting very sick of the constant darkness. apaprently the days have started getting longer, but i can't see it.

BBB said...

I see the weather thingy.

gtg said...

yes, good stuff, eh?

keep in mind that it's usually at least two degrees colder up here than at the airport, where the official temperature guage-thingy is located.