Tuesday, January 16, 2007

the truths are out there

the campus is all fogged up atm, in the most creepy fashion. you can't see very far and there are lights looming out of the darkness and, of course, the snow. very x-file-ish. i keep expecting something be-tentacled to leap out at me. if only i were carrying a torch and saying "mastasicising" a lot.

turns out they actually *filmed* the x-files on campus.

(david duchovny claimed vancouver was like an ice-age rain forest and now we hates him.)


grot said...

we hates him, precious

made me lol (quietly)

gtg said...

lolq? lq?

glad you enjoyed it.

grot said...

well, i smiled out loud

gtg said...

sol? smalbbdlolcoiwtf?

(smiled a little bit but didn't laugh out loud cos it wasn't that funny)

grot said...

no, it was funny and i was here when bbb read it and he smiled loudly too, perhaps even snorted quietly