Monday, January 08, 2007


i may have mentioned this particular excursion before. . .

poor old brontes. i am reading a collection of their letters at the moment (got for 5 pounds on special), which is very interesting, especially in comparision to mrs gaskell's work. i can also picture the rooms they're writing about. i think i'll read 'agnes grey' next, it's been ages. and 'the virgin in the garden' again, cos just finished 'elizabeth the queen'. and then backwards through alison weir's work.

anyway, haworth. this is the parsonage:they also had a little musuem and we had a nice chat with the very talkative woman in the gift shop.

it is not as desolate as it was (as well as cram full of tourists), but you can still see, especially with the graveyard all round. we went for a bit of a wander through the surrounds:

this is the pub down the street that branwell drank at:

and this is the YHA we were staying in:

caroline tells me it's quite common for old mansions to be used as YHAs or hostels, if they're too old to be knocked down but not old or special enough to be a tourist attraction. there was the most fabulous wallpaper and cherubs on the ceilings.

and thus, haworth. it was cold and windy and raining, which felt right, and i feel very special to have been there.


grot said...

all looks wonderfully familiar

lady k and i were there only two weeks later in the year and it was deserted

in the house, only me and two ignorant oz people who hadn't read any of their work

BBB said...

Where there many touristi?

Anonymous said...

Ah! gtg, so nice to see you rugged
up and smiling. merry christmas.
haven't checked this for a while.
are you going to visit taco girl
at oxford? because I have applied for admission there - we must
email once you arrive back in canada. kisses, other vegie taco.

gtg said...

vegie taco! (what a fab psydeonym, btw)

merry christmas to you too, babe. hope you got some time off.

one has to be rugged up. though it was slightly warm there than can. it's snowing again. . .

i couldn't visit the oxford-ex-waitress cos she was in aus! hmph! you applied there??? go you! best of luck!


gtg said...

parental unit,

yes, masses of tourists. we were there ten minutes after opening (actually we were earlier, but we went wandering the moors) and there was a short que to get in. most of them hadn't read anything either. i overheard all sorts of gaff, and one lady very upset after looking closely at the dates on the family tree. . .

no, actually, none of the tourist places were really crowded, but solid numbers, especially given the weather. i can just imagine what it'd be like in summer.

grot said...

why the hell would you go to such a gloomy, out of the way place if you weren't a fan?

i guess it's in lonely planet, so on the tourist trail

there should be an entry test