Wednesday, January 24, 2007

jesus is coming

these have been all round campus, a whole range of different posters about jesus. i think it's advertising a debate or something. i like this one. hope the setting is familiar.

spent the morning in a heavy debate on postcolonial feminism and the evening deep in the 4th and 6th centuries. i like grad school - people *talk* in class. we're getting to the point where we can laugh and muck around together, and have proper serious discussion as well. spent my lunch break having coffee with various ppl, which was very pleasant. although both funding offers and university offers are coming out, so there's tension in the department. it's been very interesting being in a small department. i think like it.

went and had a long chat with my supervising prof from last semester about the grade dispute (it's not my A we're disputing, btw - a student of mine from last semester) and feel much better about it. also she gave me a muffin.

oh and the french test went fine and it's finally stopped raining and i don't hate everyone anymore. but i do have to get up very early again tomorrow and make first years deconstruct t.s.eliot's metaphors, so. . .

my office door is looking very funky-activist-artistic nowadays, so i thought i would take a pic. it is a communal effort - guess which are my contributions. (the badge on the left is from the Teaching Students Support Union and says "the university works because we do"):


grot said...

from where did you get the kangaroo pic?

gtg said...

where *could* i have got it from? can i remember? . . . thankyou grotty, very pretty. postcards from the balliue always good!

grot said...

i'm surprised you got it so quickly, tho today i got a book from Amazon that i only ordered 5 days ago

gtg said...

it's kinda ideosyncratic. but they haven't lost anything yet!

you're ordering books from amazon? bad mother! go to yr local independent bookshop.

i must never start using amazon. i could easily spend many thousands.