Tuesday, January 09, 2007

york II

then we went back to york and dropped off the car (sorry tofu, no pics!) and spent the day wandering the v. picturesque streets - all crooked and cobblestone. the hardfarmer shouted us a cream tea in this lovely tiny two-storey cafe with little crooked stairs. and we had lunch in a ruin:
(that's me and tofu, in case we are too small to recognise). then the girls headed back to london to recuperate and buy HF's wedding gear, and i hopped on a train to the peak district.


Tuchfrau said...

And we slept through midnight on New Year's Eve!
(Well, we -were- recuperating - HF says she can't believe I'm admitting this)

gtg said...

oh tofu, you are no fun. (we only just made it to midnight - in bed by one, i think. does this mean we're old?)

are you feeling better yet? i am almost there. new drugs were a help.