Sunday, January 07, 2007


we got up very early and caught the train to york (via several monolopy places like kings cross station) which was packed out with christmas travellers like us:
we caught a taxi out to the car hire place and the driver had a lovely yorkshire accent and said things like "nowt", "lasses" and made fun of us for having so much stuff. then (after a few exploratory doughtnuts in the carpark) the tofu whizzed us off to the YHA .

we spent the afternoon in yorkminster, which, as i may have mentioned, was stunning and old. parts of it date back to the 13th century. we went on a tour lead by a nun and learnt stacks. the whole thing was covered in beautiful carving, with humerous/grotesque details. there was stunning stainglass and huge arches. i recommend the virtual tour.
this is two of the kings in the 15th century quire screen. that's william on the left. i like his corkscrew curls. two sculptors did them, and they are known as thin face and fat face. thus:
we also went on an explore of the crypt and undercroft, which has the remains of the roman fortress built on the same site. when we emerged from the crypt it was pretty late, so we stuck around for evensong. it was great to see the cathedral in use, and hear the choir's voices ringing round the great space.

here's some streetscapes round york as well. this is an entrance to the wall around the city:

and here's an example of the little crooked city streets:
we also bought out the little apple bookshop. joy!


grot said...

u have the same photos as me and lady knight

gtg said...

shush, you. i had no idea yr trip had affected me so much - i realised there were places i had been wanting to visit since i was seven, and when i saw bath abbey i started squarking about those angels climbing the ladder to heaven.

gtg said...

also they are so not even! yours have different cold-looking rugged up ppl in them and you never went to a wedding!

*regains individual personality*

grot said...

poor little daughter thing

i was merely trying to make a friendly, non-aggressive comment that tourists, as in Rome (cf JT), often take similar pictures

i'm glad you liked it - i thought you would, tho i wondered about the evil roman/latin influence of bbb

Nicki said...

Good post.