Thursday, January 18, 2007

today at uni

with bonus moody soundtrack.

it has been snowing all day. they finally cancelled classes at 4.30pm.

bit of a slow day. tute thismorning was pretty quiet. 9.30am. bah. i was tired, my students were tired, it was snowing. . . but we did a nice exercise with a john donne poem, which they eventually got into. i have a kiwi in my tuesday tute, which is most exciting. starting to learn their names. i've told htem they're only allowed to laugh at my spelling on the board if they can correctly spell the word. hah. need to work on the ol' spelling.

yesterday was *exhausting*, but in a good intellectual challenge kind of way. class from 9.30am to 8.30pm, with a three hour break in the middle. in my feminist theory class i gave a presentation on _this bridge we call home_, which is a follow-up/companion volume to _this bridge we call our back_, a groundbreaking feminist text about women of colour. challenging and interesting stuff. we had a good session about the many ideas the text brings up, lots of different points of view. it is interesting being in women's studies - a different way of thinking and talking.

the medieval class was also very interesting, though i was starting to fade by the end. we get to look at lots of nice manuscripts (in facsimile) and talk about the means of production and so forth. last night we did a whirl-wind tour of the history of the written word from ancient rome to the 14th century. then we had a good chat about the bible. let there be light and so forth.

and, today, it arrived! bliss!
(chocolate has melted and reformed in a big lump, so must gnaw. still delish.)


itchy fingers said...

yay for the postal system!

hope you like it! (poos about the melted chocolate, twas beyond my control.)

gtg said...

yay for the postal system! *throws hat in the air*

i like it very much! oh. . .

lubs big lots

tine said...

interesting being in women's studies, eh??? do they still call it 'women's studies' over there and not 'gender studies'?? cool. thoughts on this bridge 1 & 2?? ick - class from 9am til 8pm. i applaud your endurance levels, my dear.

gtg said...

they do indeed. old school!

_this bridge_s are like way thick and have lots of ideas in. there.