Thursday, January 11, 2007

yes, indeedy snow

there was a huge blizzard last night, complete with roads up to uni closed and buses cancelled. we had classes today (my thursday tutorial is good fun. they talk and stuff. excited to be teaching them) but the uni felt moved to put this warning on the website:

"Roads are open but drivers should be careful, and watch out for possible icy patches and vehicles that were abandoned during yesterday's severe snowstorm. Allow extra time to get to campus.

TransLink buses are operating. People waiting for buses, and pedestrians, should be prepared for below-freezing temperatures."

the pic is from my office window again. on the right is the pond, frozen over but not enough to skate on this time. it was sunny today, which was lovely and unexpected. very odd to have the sun shining on yr face but be in such bitter cold.

i do enjoy this weather.


grot said...

i'm glad you're alright about being back there

enjoying hte temperature thingo

gtg said...

yes, i've adjusted well. lots of fun ppl to see, and fun things to learn. yknow.

good weather at the moment! remember to subtract a few degrees for the mountain.

JT said...

Glad you loved England. I do too. AND I've been to some of there!!! Isnt it hard to go back to the ordinary life!!
I'm on Stef's computer - still on holidays until next Thurs.
Fancy liking that sort of weather. Have I told you before that I'd much rather be having our hot weather and walking (rather than floating) down the middle of the river at Noreuil??????
Will write more next week.
Lots of love
Thank for the "I've been there" postcard!!!

Anonymous said...

OOh ooh it looks like icing sugar! But colder :) I'm glad you like that weather, I'm happy to be in Summer, snow's not my natural environment.

Anonymous said...

OOh ooh it looks like icing sugar!
I'm glad you like the icy weather, I'm happy to finally be in summer. We've had 37 degree heat and a big thunderstorm in Northcote. Fun.


Ms B :)

gtg said...

hi jt,

well you must come and visit me when i move to london! yay!

life here isn't exactly ordinary (vis. snow and studying medieval manuscripts) so it wasn't too hard to go back to.

lucky you still on hols though! i have so much reading to do, and i have to write a presentation for wednsday. aaargh!

can't believe you're actaully walking down the river. i thought that was a joke. how sad. hope it rains soon. could you send a pic for me?

glad you enjoyed the postcard. i enjoyed nanny's chrissie card. mst have taken you hours - thankyou!

gtg said...

ms b,

urg. 37 degrees. yuck!

yes, it is very very soft. good fun to wade through.

will email soon. want brains. . .