Wednesday, January 03, 2007

congratulations to tofu and the hard farmer!

at 11.30 in the bath guild hall the hard farmer and tofu were joined in holy unionisation. aw. . .

the ceremony was very beautiful and so were the girls and they have lovely rings. i got to be a witness. it was neat. the hard farmer's bro came, and his partner and they were beautiful as well.

after the photo shoot we went out for luuuuuurvely grub. mmm, bubbly is good. oh so much food. (three hour long lunch, big kudos to Hf's folks for shouting us)

bath was speccy and romantic. oh, the whole thing was romantic. *sniffles*

love to them both!


HF said...

You were beautiful too!!! Thanks so much for coming - it wouldn't have been half as good without ya!

Anonymous said...

It was AWESUM to have you at THE WEDDING, gtg! I shall never forget the sight of your wrist warmers signing the register and making us all legal. Very very definitely would not have been the same without our special vortex representative. Am going to miss you SOOOOO much when you go home to Canadia.
Tuchfrau, nee Tofu

gtg said...

aw, i love you guys. i love you so much i want to talk to you on the interweb even though you are just in the same room as me making dinner for me. technology at its best!

i will miss you lots too, my mini-vortex abroad. this has been a fantabulous holiday with unionisation as the cherry on the icing of fantabulousness. or something.

big virtual hugs to go along with the real ones

itchy fingers said...

aw! please convey my congratulations to the glowing, gorgeous newlyweds!

gauro said...

awww, so purrty. you have lots of hair now !

grot said...

love is in the air, love is in the air , dum de dum can't remember the next bit

you all look very lovely - and very rugged up

BBB said...

Congrats all round.
Best wishes for the lovely couple, and the beautiful witness!

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhhhh!!! the brides looked SO BEAUTIFUL (and you too bean, of course!). and the first pic with the hands and the rings ... !! *sniffles* and the one of tofu and hardf hugging and looking so happy and glow-y!! i love you kids, and i miss you SO MUCH!!! congrats and all my best!

tine said...

whoops! in all my excitement, i forgot to say who i am ... that's me above.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the happy couple! Fabulous that you could be there gtg.
Love the foggy shot on the Thames and the one looking up at the dome. Very creative! Never been to London must put it on the list. Message for grot.
.....everywhere I look around, love is in the air, every sight and every sound....
Happy to see and read that Christmas was so fantabulous and we all hope that the new year brings you everything that you wish for and more!! Love, fb and the gang

Anna Bamma said...

Hi Lian,

sister of one of the brunette bride here.

Awesome photos, I'm so glad you all had a good day.

Hope you're enjoying your adventures abroad.


Anna Bamma said...


guess I shouldn't reword half sentences...hope that made sense!

:o) Anna.

grot said...

thanks for lyrics, fb and gang - now I won't be able to get it out of my head

how lovely to see you here!

gtg said...

dear all,

lovely to see you all - so glad i could faciliate the picture process. i'm so proud of hf and tofu, and aren't they shiny???

gtg said...

hello fb! how nice to see you!

glad you like the london shots. i thought the fog very atmospheric myself. you should definitely put london on the to-go list. i'm heading back!

ta for new years wishes. i hope yr christmas was fantabulous as well, and give my love to rb and the girls.

gtg said...

anna bamma! yo! you have a sister-in-law! how does it feel? you'll have to keep her in line now, you know.

yes, enjoying international jaunting very much. i have lots of stamps in my passport, and an enormous visa which i have to fold up to fit in. when are you coming to this end of the world?