Sunday, January 14, 2007

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Posted: 15/01/2007


A bushfire that was started by two lightning strikes on Friday afternoon continues to burn in the Goonoo Community Conservation Area. The fire has burnt out about 19000 hectares of bush land and remains uncontained. Properties to the west of the fire may be affected by spot fires and smoke today. The threat has eased for properties to the east of the fire that were affected by smoke and spot fires on Saturday.

A wind change on Saturday afternoon pushed the fire to the west and similar wind conditions are expected today. Firefighters will attempt to take advantage of decreasing wind speed and continue fire containment works on the southern and western areas, unfortunately the fire will remain difficult to control and contain due to the topography and extensive size of the fire. Winds are expected to remain from the east throughout the day.


gtg said...

how close is that to the lady k?

grot said...

40 kms to the north, but heading west, so if it then goes south, it will be heading their way

(i just had to spend at least 3 seconds deciding which 'their' to use - AAGHH!)

gtg said...

haha. you've been reading student essays, haven't you?

will they pack up to albury or something then? how is it in the dale atm?

BBB said...

no significant fires west of the Hume in Vic thus far - except for one at Framlingham, near Warnabool, but nowhere near the Wooders, who are on the other side of warnambool from the fire.

gtg said...

hello there! welcome!

BBB said...

hello back!
extreme fire weather today. Massive bad fires in the mountains of Gippsland. Mt Buller burnt last week, and the week before. they used the snow making machines very effectively as water sprayers to save buildings and 'assets'.
Craig's Hut on Mt Stirling burnt down a few weeks ago. It was built for the film Man From Snowy River.

BBB said...

How bizarre!
Extremely, extremely hot here today.
Walked down the street for coffee, adn nearly melted.
meantime it is 1 degree at your place.
Snow looks invitingly cool.

gtg said...

gawd. i walked to get coffee today and then my nose went all red when we got back inside.

they're expecting 5 to 10 more inches overnight.

sorry to hear about fires. sounds very full on. hope everybody is okay.

BBB said...

Fire started by lightning at Steiglitz (brisbane ranges) yesterday arvo. One house burnt as fire swept towards Anakie, which was burnt in 2003 fires. G worried, but no need as this is approx 30ks south of us, and no way that fire will travel back towards us against dominant wind direction (north west). however definitely unsettling.

gtg said...

oh dear. keep me up to date.