Sunday, January 21, 2007

la la la


grot said...

you obviously have too much time on yr hands!

JT said...

I reckon I've been to that house in the picture - or at least driven past it somewhere on the Road to Arkaroola!!!! Didn't have all those kids singing and running amok though!!!
Love the pics of the British Museum - I've been there too!! I wanted to take a photo of the "Book" seat in the foyer, but an old bag man was sitting there surrounded by junk and I couldnt wait cos he looked like he was settling in!!
You need to hide the roach where someone who doesn't have a fertile imagination can find him!!!!

grot said...

have you had a guess, jt? go on, you know you want to

did you know mum has put her big couch on an angle?

JT said...

are the cushions on an angle too???

gtg said...

i heard the cushions were square! and *pink*!

it's worth the time taken to reassure ppl of my essential australian-affiliation. or, y'know, reinforce the expatriate nostalgic nature of australian identity.

jt - i've been there! haha!

actually, i haven't been to the british museum. really wanted to but ran out of time. that's the british library. hav eyou been there? it was kickarse.

i have hidden amelia somewhere *anybody* can find her. that's hte point. have a go! it's easy!

JT said...

I really knew they were pichers of the British Library and that was wot I meant to write - I actually haven't been to the Brit. Museuum either!!! But it's on my list, along with the Portrait Gallery!!

I dont think I've got the hang of "Amelia" yet. I have questions!!!
And I wanted to ask where you got the Docs and were they cheap??
I've got new spiffy red glasses. Will send a photo soonish!

grot said...

amelia not hard, jt

Started by gtg giving itchy plastic cockaroaches for a present when they shared a house

itchy is like the dubbo lady (lady K) in her love of cockroaches and other crawly things

gtg began hiding plastic cockroaches in sugar bowl, etc, to enhance shared living experience

itchy sad it was no longer possible to play "hide the cockroach" when gtg abandoned her aussie heritage to play 'hide the grizzly'

grot suggested virtual 'hide the cockroach' game, later named the cockroach amelia

amelia is now somewhere 'unreal' and not happy - that's all we know

i think this history is correct, but i'm sure i'll be abused if it's not

gtg said...


you haven't been to the portait gallery? do! it's neat!

you may ask any questions of amelia, except where she is. grotty's account is essentially correct except it wasn't just me hiding the plastic cockroaches! itchy totally started it! and then we used to take it in turns. it was a stealthy and suspenseful game. one never knew when some plastic feelers would scare the beejezus out of you. and one time i pegged them all on the clotheline in a row. lordy knows what our other housemate made of it. . .

and now the world can play. especially crazy aunties.

the docs were extraordinarily cheap, cos my friend caroline who i was staying with over new years gave them to me. she had had them for ages and not worn them and now i have them and i love them. yay! otherwise i wouldn't have been able to get any on account of being extraordinarily broke.

oooo, new glasses! very exciting. send pic! also of noreil, if you have one, pls.

good to have you back, jt.