Monday, January 08, 2007


merry christmas everyone! haha.

tuchfrau (nee tofu) found an ingenious way of wrapping presents with apposite pieces of newpaper and we had a little christmas tree and a little christmas pud and a little bottle of bubbly. huzzah!
this is the hardfarmer with "the be good tanyas" cd i got her:
tofu with "middlesex", which HF gave her:

and gtg with the *signed* copy of lauren child's latest, which tofu gave me:


grot said...

poor tofu not looking well

do you know her tochfrau address appears now at the top of yr blog when it's loading?

BBB said...

had a look at cloth girl's blog, but couldn't leave a comment.
Her commentaries on London life are very interesting.

itchy fingers said...

like your jim jams.

gtg said...

i like tissu-girl's stuff too (her name is after her current circus work). a non-touristy london.

gtg said...

you love my jammies, itchy, you know you do!